About Andrew


Andrew Wallace lives on the Sunshine Coast with his wife Leonie and the youngest of their four daughters, Sarah.

As a Sunshine Coast resident of more than 28 years, Andrew is committed to the local community. 

For the past 10 years, Andrew has been an active member of the Alexandra Headland Surf Life Saving Club and has served on the Club’s Management Committee as honorary Secretary and Vice-President. He is currently a Patrol Captain and a member of the Club’s 24-hour Emergency Response Team. Andrew is especially passionate about helping young people, having served as a former President of the Sunshine Coast Children’s Therapy Centre.

Andrew Wallace and Family

"While growth is important, I am mindful that we need to grow in a sustainable way that safeguards the lifestyle we enjoy and protects the natural beauty that makes the Sunshine Coast the envy of the nation"

As a small business owner, Andrew wants to make sure local businesses are given the opportunity to succeed and grow so that they can provide the jobs of the future. He believes small business is the engine room of the economy, and that smaller government and lower taxes are key to ensuring that small businesses on the Coast can thrive.

Andrew is passionate about ensuring we get the infrastructure that our growing region needs, particularly when it comes to upgrading the congested Bruce Highway, North Coast Rail and the Sunshine Coast Stadium.

Andrew’s unique background gives him the experience needed to be a strong voice for the Sunshine Coast. The son of a motor mechanic, Andrew began his working life as an apprentice carpenter and joiner, and after completing his apprenticeship, he became a builder and started his own business. In his late twenties, and with three young children, Andrew completed a law degree at the Queensland University of Technology, becoming a construction lawyer. He has had his own practice for 16 years, with his office based locally in Maroochydore.

In addition to his work the electorate, Andrew holds the important Parliamentary post of Speaker of the House of Representatives. In this role Andrew presides over debates in the Australian House of Representatives including the  famous daily Question Time. He is also responsible for the day to day operation of Australian Parliament House and represents the Parliament and the will of its Members to the world outside.

Andrew looks forward to meeting you and finding out the issues that are of concern to you and your family.

Andrew's Maiden Speech