Family Car Tax & Ute Tax

Australian families, farmers and tradies are set to be lumped with a brand-new climate tax on their new car, in another blow to aspirational Australians contending with Labor’s cost of living crisis. The move would see the Sunshine Coast’s most popular cars increase exponentially, disproportionately hitting skilled workers and families with children.

Labor’s Cleaner, Cheaper to Run Cars report promised that the New Vehicle Efficiency Standards would not increase new vehicle prices. However, a quick comparison with the overseas market exposes another Labor lie hidden beneath the glossy brochures and spin. 

Don’t be mistaken: this is a tax on families and a tax on tradies, and aspirational Australians will once again pay the price for Labor’s reckless tax and spend agenda.

They go on and on about the cost-of-living crisis, but this Labor Government fail to see that they are entirely responsible. They’re taxing families and their businesses to the utmost degree and sucking the aspiration out of middle Australia.

And now, once again, we’ve caught out Government ministers hiding flat-out lies behind weasel words and a glossy brochure. To pretend that Australian families and tradies won’t pay more isn’t just wrong – it’s reckless.

Australians have had a gut-full of the broken promises and empty platitudes from this Albanese Labor Government. It’s high time for Labor to do the right thing: come clean to the Australian people, and roll back these half-baked and harmful Family Car and Ute Taxes.

Will the Family Car Tax or Ute Tax impact on you or your loved ones? Let me know below.

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