Letter to Defence Minister – Classic Hornet for the QLD Air Museum

Dear Minister, Re: F/A-18A/B Classic Hornet Request – Queensland Air Museum. I write in support of the Queensland Air Museum’s request to be allocated an F/A-18A/B Classic Hornet, a long-standing request for a profound symbol of Australia’s military, aviation, and technology heritage. In 1974, the Queensland Air Museum opened in Brisbane, before being forced to […]

Hidden gems to be recognised at 6th Annual Fisher Community Awards

We are a trailblazing community because of the compassionate, creative, and hard-working people who call this place home. So many of them work under the radar. I launched the Fisher Community Awards to celebrate those hidden gems in our community whose work beyond the spotlight makes our little patch of paradise a better place.

Labor closes the door to home ownership, housing supply

The Government’s floundering Housing Australia Future Fund is an unmodelled policy experiment. It won’t expunge the Palaszczuk Government’s abominable social housing record. It won’t reverse the havoc Labor has wrought on the building sector and the Australian economy. The Coalition remains on the side of young Australians, and all hard-working Australians who aspire to home ownership. Owning a home is a key determinant of whether an Australian retires in comfort and confidence, or on the path to welfare dependence.

Sacre Bleu: Macron warns against AUKUS Nuclear powered subs

The inescapable fact is that the $90 billion French Attack Class Submarines that were to be built for the RAN would not have been up to task in the current threat environment. Both the Coalition and Labor agree on this point. The fact that this has upset the French, who remain an important Pacific ally, is as regrettable as it is understandable.

Labor fails to meet deadline on Urgent Care Clinics

If Australians can’t trust Labor to keep them safe at their most vulnerable, how can they trust them to keep their promises on other essential services like, infrastructure and energy security. The Albanese Government continues to prove that Labor only prioritises health during election campaigns, and they fail when it comes to delivering the services that the people of Fisher need?

Fisher MP strengthens ties with Pacific friends

It’s very important that as Members of Parliament, we engage with our colleagues in the Pacific Islands, to assure them that Australia is a good friend, and that Australia will continue to work with them. A prosperous Pacific is not only good for Pacific Island Nations, it’s good for Australia, and we’ll continue to work with our Pacific Island friends and neighbours.

Landsborough Park n Ride Opens

Three-hundred additional parking spaces will now be available on the eastern side of the station, along with a new bus interchange. This will increase capacity, improve reliability, and reduce travel times for passenger and freight services in the growing Sunshine Coast region.

Statement on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament

An equal voice for all Australians is the bedrock of our liberal democracy. It was at the heart of the Commonwealth Franchise Act 1902, which gave women the right to vote. It was at the core of Menzies’ Commonwealth Electoral Act 1962, which gave Indigenous Australians the right to vote. In my maiden speech to Parliament, I […]