Federal MP Calls for National Day of Action against Facebook

Australians are being encouraged to take a stand against fake news by logging off from Facebook for one full day on Saturday 20 February 2021. Federal Member for Fisher Andrew Wallace put out a call this morning to stand up to Facebook and its decision to restrict Australians’ access to news outlets and Government agencies through the platform.

“Facebook are trying to bully 25 million Australians and it is time to send them a message. For one day, we need to Say No to Facebook and show them that Australians will not tolerate this kind of censorship.” Mr Wallace said.

“On Saturday 20 February I will be logging off from Facebook for the day on all of my devices and I urge all Australians to join me in this protest. Say No to Facebook this Saturday.”

Mr Wallace noted that accurate information has never been more important as the roll out of COVID-19 vaccinations begins.

“We are in a struggle today against misinformation and fake news about many things but particularly COVID-19 vaccines. We need to get accurate health advice out there to all Australians and the stories written by traditional news media and Government agencies are the most important sources for that information. If multi-national corporations like Facebook deny Australians access to the accurate, trusted health information they need, they will leave a vacuum which will be filled by damaging lies and misinformation.” he said.

“This is about much more than a social media platform saving themselves some money. We need the vast majority of Australians to get vaccinated and anything that puts that at risk will have real world consequences for all of us. Facebook’s selfish decision today is reckless and irresponsible.  Facebook appears happy to work with totalitarian regimes but throws the toys out of the cot when it comes to working with a liberal, democratically elected government such as Australia.   I’m inviting all Australians to take a stand in the only way that Facebook will understand.”

“So, join me in standing up and making Facebook take notice by denying them their income for one day. Say No to Facebook this Saturday by logging off from all your devices and lets show them that Australians will not tolerate this kind of bullying from multi-national corporations.  Who knows, this one day of action could lead to something bigger.” Mr Wallace said.