Labor fails to meet deadline on Urgent Care Clinics

The Federal Labor Government has left the Sunshine Coast off the list once again, as the ALP continues to drop the ball on regional healthcare in Queensland.

After promising to build 50 Urgent Care Clinics across the nation by July 1 this year, only 8 have so far been delivered. And the Sunshine Coast has been completely snubbed by Anthony Albanese.

The government’s failure to establish and deliver the original 50 clinics within their own timeframe is a blatant broken promise.

Member for Fisher Andrew Wallace said Labor governments are continuing to neglect the people of the Sunshine Coast.

“We see it at the state level with passenger rail, and now the Federal Labor Party is turning its back on the Coast when it comes to healthcare.

“If Australians can’t trust Labor to keep them safe at their most vulnerable, how can they trust them to keep their promises on other essential services like, infrastructure and energy security.

“The Albanese Government continues to prove that Labor only prioritizes health during election campaigns, and they fail when it comes to delivering the services that the people of Fisher need,” Mr Wallace said.

Shadow Minister for Health, Senator the Hon Anne Ruston, said: “As we are now past the July 1 deadline, we still have no details about where the missing clinics will be exactly located or when patients can be expected to walk through the doors.

“Labor also promised that every Urgent Care Clinic would be open during the extended times of 8am-10pm as a key part of their operation, but it was revealed in Budget Estimates that this won’t even be the case.

“In fact, they are even trying to take credit for merely rebadging 8 clinics established by the Victorian State Government, which is far from providing the promised improved access to critical healthcare and reduced pressure on hospital emergency departments.”

“It is becoming more and more evident that Labor sold the public a lie,” Senator Ruston said.