Southeast Queenslanders continue to benefit from the Morrison Government’s record $1.67 billion investment in cyber security. The Glasshouse Mountains area will today benefit from a cyber-security outreach clinic that will increase the resilience of people in rural and regional areas to cybercriminals and support them to protect their data and online identify from theft.

Minister for Home Affairs Karen Andrews said the event would be hosted by IDCARE, an online identity and cyber support service provider partly funded by the Morrison Government through its Cyber Security Strategy.

“The Morrison Government is proud to partner with IDCARE through our $1.67 billion Cyber Security Strategy, with the Commonwealth providing more than $6 million to IDCARE for cybercrime and victim support services,” Minister Andrews said.

“Support for victims of cybercrime is vital, but I also encourage all Australians to increase their awareness of cyber-security threats, and take action to secure themselves and their online data.

“Turn on automatic updates, replace passwords with a passphrase, and ensure you’re logging on with multi-factor security settings. Scams and cybercrime can affect any one of us anywhere – as unfortunately too many people who live in rural and regional areas know too well.”

Federal Member for Fisher Andrew Wallace said that this project is going to see our Sunshine Coast experience and knowhow making a difference for ordinary Australians from Cairns to Cranbrook.

“For years, IDCARE has been leading the way nationwide, helping hundreds of thousands of Australians all over the country to respond to the devastating effects of cybercrime. Now with the support of the Morrison Government it is fantastic to see them taking that leadership on the road, reaching out to the regions and spreading the word in our most vulnerable communities.”

“As a Member of Parliament I know that there is no better way to understand the issues that people are experiencing and to work with them on solutions than to meet them face to face. I’m certain that having the opportunity to talk to one of IDCARE’s experts and even hand over their devices for a proper assessment is going to transform outcomes for people who need help all over the country.” Mr Wallace said.

Today’s event follows the recent launch of a new public information campaign “Beat cybercrime in your downtime” to increase awareness of cyber-security and empower Australians to be more secure online.

Australians can learn more about how easy it is make simple changes to stay safe online at the Australian Government’s dedicated cyber security website