Sunshine Coast MP welcomes Treasurer’s commitment to ‘good projects’

Sunshine Coast Federal MP Andrew Wallace has welcomed a commitment from Treasurer Jim Chalmers to invest in “good projects” for the region.

Mr Chalmers told media during a visit to Maroochydore last week, investments that are slated for communities like the Sunshine Coast, which will deliver an economic benefit for the country and for the community, will go ahead.

The Federal Member for Fisher said the community will be up in arms if the Coalition Government’s $1.6 billion commitment to Sunshine Coast rail was not retained in October’s Federal Budget.  

It is great to hear that Mr Chalmers has made this commitment to keep projects with a genuine benefit to the country and the community,” Mr Wallace said.

“This is exactly what the Sunshine Coast rail project is – it’s more than good, it’s essential.

“Sunshine Coast Rail will revolutionise the way we move people in southeast Queensland – busting congestion on our busiest roads and reducing the use of cars and thereby carbon emissions.

“This is not an issue of party politics, it is about delivering for one of the country’s fastest growing regions.” 

In the March Budget, the Coalition Government committed $1.6 billion for heavy passenger rail, connecting Beerwah to Maroochydore via Caloundra and Kawana.

The Sunshine Coast rail project also requires the state government to match the federal government’s 50 per cent commitment to the $3.2 billion project.

“We are going to absolutely hold Labor to that commitment. The Sunshine Coast needs that $1.6 billion and the State Government needs to stump up their $1.6 billion,” Mr Wallace said.

“With 10 years to run before the Olympics and the Paralympics, where the Sunshine Coast will host a number of events, it is imperative that we get that train line built.

“Need I remind the Labor State Members on the Sunshine Coast that they should be the voices for their constituents in George Street, not George Street’s voices on the Sunshine Coast.” 

Concerned residents can make their voice heard by signing Mr Wallace’s petition for heavy passenger rail from Beerwah to Maroochydore by visiting