What I'm Working On


Since I was elected in 2016 my number one priority for Fisher has been to deliver the infrastructure upgrades that our community so badly needs. Fixing the Bruce Highway and our local rail line, and busting congestion on State Government roads like Caloundra Road or Nicklin Way will means less time in the car and more time with the family for thousands of Sunshine Coast Residents.


I am passionate about making a difference to Mental Health on the Sunshine Coast.

Around eight Australians take their own lives each and every single day.  For every one who does take their own life around 30 people attempt it. That’s about 240 Australians every day.

The impact of poor mental health goes much, much broader for our community. Nearly half of all Australians will experience some form of mental health in any given year.


I want to see a Sunshine Coast that is no longer dependent on tourism, building and construction. If we want to be able to ride out future economic storms, I believe that we need to get more industries operating in our community.

We need to diversify; which is why I have created the Fisher Defence Industry Initiative.


I am proud of the things that we have delivered locally so far.

I am however very aware of the things that are yet to be delivered. We have had a very successful few years, but I intend to continue to fight for Fisher and the issues that local people care about in the years to come.

If there is a local issue that you believe I should be fighting for, please contact me on 07 5493 5556 or andrew.wallace.mp@aph.gov.au.


We all know about some of the work that MPs do – speaking and voting in Parliament, attending community events, listening to local residents and helping constituents if they are having a problem with the Government.

The work that some MPs do on Committees is less well known, but very important, and is another substantial demand on our time. Until my recent election as Speaker I was the Chair of a number of Standing Committees in Parliament.