Say No to Council’s Casino


I am calling upon all Sunshine Coast residents and business people to take a public stand against the construction of a casino in Maroochydore’s new SunCentral Development by signing my “Say No to Council’s Casino” petition. Fill in your name and details in the boxes below and click ‘done’ to complete your petition.

If you cannot access the petition in the window below click here to view it in your browser.

I believe that the Council’s plan to change the character of the Sunshine Coast by building a casino at their Maroochydore development is emerging as one of the biggest threats to the future of our community. A casino on the Coast would add to the cost of living pressures on many of our hard-working families, increase crime and anti-social behaviour, and drive up drug and alcohol abuse. This plan risks driving more family breakdowns, and increasing rates of mental and physical ill health.

Family life is difficult in modern times, we don’t need to compound those difficulties by establishing more mechanisms of misery. I have spoken to many local people about this at meetings around our community and the feedback I have received tells me that Sunshine Coast residents do not want a casino here. We are not the Gold Coast, nor should we want to be.  I strongly encourage everyone to sign my petition and to get involved.

I’ve spoken a bit more about the casino campaign HERE, and have called on the Labor Government to take action on loot boxes and online gambling – to keep kids safe – HERE.