How Can I Help You?

Services we Provide

As your Federal Member, one of my most important roles is helping you if you are experiencing any problems with the Commonwealth Government; if you need any more information about the Government support which is available to you or your organisation; or if there is an issue you would like to raise with the Government.

You can contact me by 07 5493 5556 or email or via our contact form.

My office and I can provide help with the following information and issues:


If you are having a problem dealing with a Federal Government agency like Centrelink or the NBN, or are struggling for example with an immigration issue, we can help you by raising your case with the relevant authorities. This may take the form of following up with the agency itself, or contacting a Federal Minister directly on your behalf. If you are having this kind of issue I want to hear from you on 07 5493 5556.


As your Federal Member I am committed to listening to the people of Fisher and to representing your views and your interests in the Parliament of Australia. This can take the form of speaking about the issues that matter to Fisher residents in the House of Representatives, asking a question of a Minister in Question Time, or meeting privately with a Minister to discuss your concerns.

I hold regular Listening Posts around Fisher and try to meet as many constituents as possible in the course of my daily work. I also send out regular surveys, and gather feedback through this website and on social media. However, if there is a particular issue that is important to you, whether it be specific to the Sunshine Coast, or of national relevance, I want to hear from you directly. I need your feedback to be the most effective Federal Member I can.

Please contact me on 07 5493 5556 or to tell me about the issues that matter to you.


I want to make sure that as many local volunteer groups, sports teams, schools and other community organisations in Fisher are receiving Federal funding to improve people’s lives on the Sunshine Coast. My office can provide information about Commonwealth funding which may be available for your organisation, and how you can go about applying. We can also support you through the application process. As a first step you can search for available grants here, or contact my office on 07 5493 5556 for further support.

I can also be included as a reference, or where necessary provide a formal letter of support, for your community organisation’s grant application. In either case you will need to contact my office on 07 5493 5556 to allow us to understand your application and to arrange my involvement.  Please make sure that you allow at least two weeks for any letter of support to be prepared and delivered to you. 


As part of my daily work I attend a great many community events in Fisher and am often asked to speak about important local issues, or about the Government’s work in Canberra.

If you would like me to attend your community event, or to speak on one of these topics, I would be delighted to hear from you.


If someone you know is celebrating an important wedding anniversary or birthday, I may be able to request a congratulatory message on your behalf from the Prime Minister, Governor-General or Her Majesty the Queen.

The Prime Minister for example sends messages to couples celebrating their 50th and subsequent wedding anniversaries, and Australians who are turning 90 or older.

Arrangements for these messages can be made up to two months before the day. Contact my office if you are interested in a message of congratulations.


I know how difficult it can be for volunteer groups to produce newsletters and other information for their stakeholders.

My office can help by providing free black and white photocopying services for not for profit community groups in Fisher. Contact my office through my contact form to make a request.

Please note that we are unable to provide colour photocopying.