Narrows Escape Resort


 Today I want to talk about something that isn’t talked about in this House very much, and that’s a little bit of romance. Just in the last week, Tripadvisor have announced the world’s most romantic hotel was none other than the Narrows Escape in my great electorate of Fisher. I want to send a huge shout out to Ali Kahn and his wife, Xochi Lindholm, who have recently bought the Narrows Escape, which is an absolutely fantastic hotel—the world’s most romantic hotel.

I visited there recently, and I can tell you I know why it won this award. I was swept away. It’s an absolutely amazing place with six cabins with spa baths and forest views, and you can hear the creek running through—absolutely fantastic. I encourage everybody watching this to book in now, but you had better get in quick because it’s near 100 per cent occupancy.

This week I also visited the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre for their Speak Up Now candlelight ceremony against domestic violence. This was a great night. It was very sad to have to have it, but it was a terrific night attended by many people in our community. It was a great show of support for those who suffer from domestic violence. With Andrew Powell, member for Glass House, and Winston Johnston, our local councillor, it was great to see so many people speaking up against it. (Time expired)