Raise our Voice in Parliament Week

Today I am delighted to read a speech prepared by an impressive young man from Fisher, as part of the Youth Voice in Parliament Week campaign. The speech reads:

My name is James Donnelly. I’m an 18-year-old high school student and a proud resident of the Sunshine Coast electorate of Fisher.

Who wouldn’t be? The speech continues:

Robert Menzies described democracy as the idea that, with all our inequalities of mind and body, we stand equal. Australia is a nation which yields the same opportunities for every person, in spite of our differences in opinion and background. It is the wealth of diversity that embodies this lucky country. But democracy was never the easy option and for centuries humble citizens of the free world have defended their liberty from tyrants who selfishly seek personal power. 2021 is a time of discord and doubt, both ideological and through the physical borders of the pandemic. To move forward we must be optimistic, but we must not turn a blind eye to those opportunists who seek to further their authoritarian rule in this time of global tension. In 20 years I hope for an Australian government which is as committed to freedom and progression as those who lead us today. A government which continues to stand in brave defiance of rising oppressive powers, not yielding to those who seek to undermine the integrity of our safe and secure society.