SMEAC Camp X-Ray

Near the Ewen Maddock Dam in Fisher is a campsite which once educated thousands of school students every year. Today it lies empty, but one dedicated group of Fisher veterans have a bold vision for how this campsite can make a difference in our region once again. SMEAC is a fantastic local charity led by Tim Cuming and Ray Carson. Tim and Ray have worked incredibly hard to turn this abandoned campsite into Camp X-Ray, a new facility owned and operated by veterans for the benefit of veterans as well as the wider community. Camp X-Ray would transform transitioning veterans’ lives through certified training and jobs, as well as delivering camps, drug and alcohol counselling, training and employment pathways for vulnerable young people. It will provide tourism and leisure experiences for the rest of us, including large-scale triathlon and marathon events. Tim and Ray’s tireless efforts have brought Camp X-Ray to the brink of realisation. They have gathered corporate sponsorship and donations and have received charitable status and an agreement from Seqwater to use the site. Now SMEAC are looking for funding from the federal government to help renovate the campsite and get Camp X-Ray up and running. I am advocating and will continue to advocate for this project, because I know that Tim and Ray’s mission will make a difference to thousands of our dedicated serving men and women in the years to come. Well done, Tim and Ray.