Latest Awards

The 4th Annual Fisher Community Awards

Helping Make Fisher the Place to be for Education, Employment and Retirement

We all know those local people who are giving something back – the leaders in our community who inspire us and who set the example for all of us to follow. We have them in our schools, in our businesses and community groups, in our health care providers and our aged care residences. That is why three years ago I set up the Fisher Community Awards and they have been a fantastic success ever since.

This year in these fourth annual awards, I am more determined than ever to recognise the fantastic individuals and organisations in Fisher who have made a difference to our community during COVID-19. At a time when their contribution is even more important than ever I want to celebrate the people who have changed lives during a global pandemic among our students, our businesses and community groups, our health care providers and our aged care residences. 

Nominate someone for the 2021 Awards

Nominations are open until Friday 26 February 2021 in each of the following categories for individuals, organisations and businesses who have made a significant contribution to our community this year:


  • Fisher Educator of the Year
  • Fisher Student of the Year
  • Fisher Education Provider of the Year


  • Fisher Business of the Year
  • Fisher Employee of the Year
  • Fisher Innovator of the Year


  • Fisher Senior of the Year
  • Fisher Senior Group of the Year

The Andrew Wallace Community Group of the Year

The Andrew Wallace Community Group of the Year recognises a community group which has made a significant contribution, but which does not fit easily into our three groups of awards. You can find out about our previous winners and nominees here.

Nominations are made anonymously and we will not give your contacts details to any third party. If your nominee is shortlisted they will be advised via email in early March.

Please note that among the many events cancelled in 2020 because of COVID-19, my Fisher Community Awards were sadly another casualty. All of the finalists had been nominated by my community, the winners chosen by our judges and the invitations were just going out when the pandemic shut us down. However, I am delighted to say that those nominees and winners have not been forgotten and their work will not go unrecognised. Because in 2021 the Fisher Community Awards will be a special bumper double edition and we will be distributing awards for 2020 as well as 2021! Contact me on for more details.